more food intolerances in Germany

Why is the World Becoming More Intolerant Towards Different Food?

Today people around the world are becoming intolerant to even common food items like buttermilk and peanuts. In the past few years, we have seen an increase in more food intolerances in Germany and other European nations. As per a survey, almost 2% of the population of Europe are intolerant towards different food items. The rise in the number of food allergies and food intolerance has become quite visible, and many organizations are working to find the reason behind more food intolerances in Germany and other European nations.  

more food intolerances in Germany

Although the reason for the increase in the number of food intolerances case is not known, as per many research papers, some of them can be the possible reasons: 

  1. As per many research, different factors contribute to food intolerance like rapid industrialization, poor eating habits, and increase in the level of pollution in western nations.  
  1. Since many migrants move to western countries and Europe in search of better life and job opportunities, they become more food intolerant, as they are not accustomed to eating the food of that particular region. 
more food intolerances in Germany
  1. Change in climatic conditions and round the clock availability if certain food items also contribute to more food intolerances in Germany and other parts of the world.  
  1. Another major factor that leads to major food intolerance is the lack of Vitamin D, in almost half of the world. Today, no one wants to bask in the sun. Everyone wants an air-conditioned home that takes away vitamin D from their body. Thus, the lack of vitamin D is one of the biggest factors of food intolerance. 

With the change in lifestyle and the way of living, we are facing different types of allergies, and we are not even able to digest simple food items like milk, butter, or peanut. Thus, it is time to delve deep into our condition. Everyone needs to have a proper understanding and knowledge about food intolerance so that many near-death experiences can be prevented.  

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