residential flag pole

Steps to install telescoping flagpole

Like the traditional flag post the telescoping flagpoles does not require a lot of effort and materials to be installed. This article focuses on the steps that you can follow to install the residential flag pole on your own.

  • Gather the required materials

Some of the basic material requirements are concrete, clean, dry sand, mixing tray for concrete, plumb line, shovel, gravel etc… These materials are mandatory to install the flagpole properly.

residential flag pole
  • Get the location right

Whenever you are installing the flagpole you must consider the direction of the wind. The flag is going to fly freely only when it is exposed to proper wind direction. It is also important that you place the flagpole in a position where the ground is firm and is free of trees.

  • Ensure that the digging space is safe

You must always remember to spot the right digging space. There would be a lot of wires running underground which might be carrying high voltages of electricity. The shovel hitting the electric lines might cause severe damage to your lives. Hence, this is one of the most important steps that you must make sure while you are installing residential flag pole.

residential flag pole
  • Understand the depth of the hole required

Unless and until the holes are dug deeper the flag poles are not going to stand firmly. Make sure to measure the depth of the ground. Once the initial phase of digging is completed, place the pole to understand if everything is right and then proceed to construct the foundation.

  • Use the materials to create the foundation

It’s time to create the foundation for your flagpole now. Mix all the ingredients and the materials in the required proportion and place them in required quantities to make the foundation stronger. Use the instructions given and assemble the residential flag pole and place them in desired location.

By following these steps you would be able to install the flagpole easily.

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